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Seal-less pumps meet centralised cleaning pressures.

Controllability and reducing energy costs are important objectives

in many pumping applications, as is the need for pumps to be able to run

dry. A good example of this is in centralised cleaning systems, such as

high pressure cleaning systems in food processing applications.

Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps, available through Michael Smith Engineers,

have been used to good effect in this type of application, resulting in

significant savings for users.

In one example, a customer was operating a centralised, high

pressure cleaning system for cleaning and preparation, running

constantly on an 8 hour shift. The system has several spray nozzles throughout the plant with demand ranging from 24 l/min up to 152 l/min.

However, pressure is required to be instant and constant to all the

spray nozzles. To meet the demand the previously installed centrifugal

pumps had to operate at high speed to maintain the required pressure,

while the unused flow was bypassed back to the feed tanks, a highly

inefficient process.

A solution was to install two Hydra-Cell G25 pumps which can

operate between 0-100% of full speed, ensuring that the required

pressure can be maintained at very low flows. The G25 pumps were

supplied with a 'Unigy' drive, allowing the pump speed to be

increased or decreased according to the demand, whilst maintaining

optimum pressure. The result was significantly less energy required for

the pump motors, around an 84% saving.


Also, as the feed tanks occasionally run dry the ability for

Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps to operate safely without flow, eliminated

other maintenance issues.

The Hydra-Cell pump range covers a wide range of flow rates from

0.4 l/min up to 128 l/min and pressures up to 172 bar, providing

repeatable and accurate output. They can handle dirty liquids and

liquids with particulates and because they are seal-less by design,

leak-free, self priming and can be run dry, they are ideal for cleaning


As well as cleaning duties, HydraCell pumps can handle a wide

spectrum of industrial and commercial fluids across numerous

applications including; food processing CIP.

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visit www.Michael-smith-engineers.co.uk

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Select The Right Pressure Washer For Your

A pressure washer is a powerful cleaning machine available for industrial and commercial cleaning applications. There exists a wide variety of high pressure washers suitable for a number of different cleaning tasks. Let's examine the different types and features to help you determine the right machine for your applications.

Types of Pressure Washers

Pressure cleaning machines are classified in many ways. Based on the temperature of their output, they can be either a cold water pressure washer, hot water pressure cleaner, or steam press

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Pressure Washers For School Maintenance

Anti-Bacterial Micro organism continues to mutate and turn out to be more resistant to the chemical compounds we use to kill them. Some options and benefits of a Goodway pressure washer include steel strengthened hoses, and stainless-steel wands, cleaning soap containers, and optional sizzling water utilization. A full vary of equipment can be found including hoses, nozzles, wands and strain washer attachments. Goodway has a strain washer to serve all of your completely different pressure washing applications, from mild to heavy responsibility. Each utility requires a specific amount of strain to interrupt the bond between n grime” and the floor it is adhered to. Utilizing pressures better than 20% over the minimal required to interrupt the bond is not going to improve the cleansing pace of the gear.

Instance: Clear Reading = 15 kilos, Strain goes up to 21 kilos = Time to scrub. Earlier than continuing with connection of the gas injector cleaner kit, you have to disconnect the gas stress regulator. Earlier than going ahead, take away the gas cap from the tank, to launch the stress which may be constructed up by the cleaning package. Test your car guide for the precise injection stress value and open the package valve until the strain worth matches the recommended worth. In case you've bought previous lead kind paint I would recommend not utilizing a stress washer though.

There are some difficult application for gasoline station for grease and graffiti elimination,the the ability of wet steam is required to remove energy washers that emit moist steam can attain maximum temperature ranges of 330 degrees Fahrenheit to readily dissolve probably the most cussed greasy,oily residues.Pairing this with excessive pressure ranges permits operators to readily blast away the fully remove engine grease,spilled gasoline,oil and other deposits from just about all surfaces.

Any time the set off is pulled on a strain washer the operator should start with the nozzle not less than 2 ft from the surface to be cleaned. The excessive stress from the nozzle can damage the surface and throw particles back on the operator. Never use a stress washer from a ladder as the recoil from the strain washer wand can throw you off balance, sending you and the ladder to the bottom. For sustaining excessive pressure inside, a cooker is manufactured from thick aluminium mould.

We recommend you hire trained and experienced professional contractors to do any major work on your home: its cheaper in the long term, the job is completed proper and with the precise firm, the level of service is superb. Increase the psi step by step, ensuring that the quantity of stress is not damaging the surface being sprayed. I tried bit tougher and nozzle cowl which is used to alter spray angle got here off but nozzle not moved to low pressure setting. The contractor has to be skilled and effectively versed in the expertise involved in excessive stress cleaning.

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Household chemical linked to heart disease

Story highlightsPerfluorooctanoic acid is present in up to 98% of AmericansStudy: Those with the highest levels may have an increased risk of stroke or heart attackResearchers say the numbers should be interpreted with caution

A chemical used in the manufacture of common household products -- such as some food packaging, carpets, paint, and nonstick cookware -- may be associated with an increased risk of heart disease, a new study suggests.

The chemical, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), is present in trace amounts in up to 98% of Americans. Previous research has linked PFOA exposure to unhealthy cholesterol levels and other risk factors for heart disease, but the potential health hazards posed by the chemical remain largely unknown.

In the new study, which included a nationally representative sample of adults, those with the highest levels of PFOA in their blood had double the odds of having a history of heart disease, heart attack, or stroke, compared to adults with the lowest PFOA levels.

The highest PFOA levels also were associated with 78% higher odds of peripheral artery disease, a condition related to heart disease in which the arteries in the limbs narrow and harden.

Although these numbers may sound alarming, the researchers say the results should be interpreted with caution. Because the study looked at the relationship between PFOA and heart disease at a single point in time, it doesn't show that PFOA exposure causes -- or even precedes -- heart disease.

The researchers did factor in numerous health and demographic measures (such as race, education, obesity, smoking, and cholesterol), but they emphasize that unknown factors besides PFOA may explain some or all of the association seen in the study.

"What we are finding is that high levels of PFOA and cardiovascular disease coexisted for some reason. That is all," says lead author Dr. Anoop Shankar, an epidemiologist at the West Virginia University School of Public Health in Morgantown. "It is possible that we are seeing something that is just a bystander and is there because of confounding associations."

The study, which was published this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine, was based on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, a large government health survey conducted annually.

Although the study is merely a "red flag" and more research is needed, minimizing exposure to PFOA still may be prudent in the meantime, says Dr. Debabrata Mukherjee, chief of cardiovascular medicine at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso.

For instance, people whose drinking water may be contaminated by nearby factories that use PFOA could use bottled water or filtered water, says Mukherjee, who wrote an editorial accompanying the study. Avoiding nonstick cookware and other consumer products that may contain PFOA is another way for individuals to limit exposure, he adds.According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the trace amounts of PFOA found in consumer products are generally a remnant of the manufacturing process and do not appear to pose a threat to human health.

Still, the agency is working with several large companies to eliminate PFOA and related chemicals from products and factory emissions by 2015.

Prior studies in humans, animals and petri dishes have suggested several pathways through which PFOA might affect heart health.

PFOA exposure has been associated, for instance, with blood-vessel dysfunction, high "bad" cholesterol (LDL), low "good" cholesterol (HDL), and insulin resistance, all of which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Even if this preliminary research is borne out, however, it's important to remember that obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, and other classic risk factors are responsible for an overwhelming majority of heart attacks, says Dr. Eugene Storozynsky, a cardiologist and internist at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York.

"Not smoking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be part of any kind of prevention program for cardiovascular disease," Mukherjee says. "We don't want to forget the 900-pound gorilla in the room."

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Household chemical linked to heart disease

Story highlightsPerfluorooctanoic acid is present in up to 98% of AmericansStudy: Those with the highest levels may have an increased risk of stroke or heart attackResearchers say the numbers should be interpreted with caution

A chemical used in the manufacture of common household products -- such as some food packaging, carpets, paint, and nonstick cookware -- may be associated with an increased risk of heart disease, a new study suggests.

The chemical, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), is present in trace amounts in up to 98% of Americans. Previous research has linked PFOA exposure to unhealth

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Wax Concentrated Cleaner With A Strain Washer

Forecast discussion: A low pressure system centered effectively south of Long Island, together with a coastal entrance from Newport to Taunton, MA, has helped create bands of average to heavy snow throughout the capital metropolis. Along with the advantages of using green chemicals for the safety of the surroundings, using steam cleaners can really reduce allergens in the air. Different methods steam cleaners can be utilized to improve the safety of the indoor setting are by way of licensed anti-bacterial technology. Customers ought to observe that their steam cleaners may very well be capable of deal with each tile and grout cleaning and carpet spot cleaning, together with all kinds of other cleaning purposes. You must also keep away from sturdy acid cleaners as well that will assault the sealant and slate surface. Pressure washers are great for laundry massive outside areas, resembling patios and driveways.

Daimer provides a complete range of pressure washing tools including cell stress washers and lots of more. Skilled carpet cleansing contains steam cleaning, so get the perfect deal of carpet cleansing Leeds and Cleansing Leeds and Cleaners Leeds by clicking this you may simply enter on the location and you can get associated information. Don't use soap, wax, household cleaners or another product not designed to be used on laminate flooring on them.

Since 1959, Steamaster has been a go-to firm for quality cleansing devices, such as the pressure cleaner. There's a classification for in-ground gadgets- cleaners with suction technology and those with the distinctive strain know-how. Robotic cleaners holding strain facet expertise make the most of a pump separately to operate and supply the dirty water for the cleaner head. Polaris Vac-Sweep and Pentair Letro Legends pool cleaners are examples of stress facet expertise machines. Excessive-pressure water cleaners the most effective ways for you to enhance your panorama and development business.

Also, the pressure may cause an erratically utilized decal, that also seems good, to start to show a spider webbing of ugly micro-cracks. I purchased an outdated fiberglass RV with ornamental decals on it, and I received it for an incredible value, because the previous proprietor had it cleaned several occasions with a high strain washer. These wheels, additionally, can be cleaned utilizing normal cleaners for Chrome rims, and they can be polished with mechanical buffers, or by hand. And, in fact, there are a number of brands of fiberglass roof cleaners available at your local camping provide outlet stores. When stress increases, baroreceptors stretch and ship a signal to high pressure cleaners  your mind.

Their low-upkeep and power-environment friendly elements combat their high costs (when compared to automatic strain-facet cleaners and automatic suction-facet cleaners). The advantage of the high stress cleaners is that the cleansing is accurate, environment friendly and economical. Each cold water and sizzling water high stress cleaners are available, and the pressurized system leads to a massive saving of water consumption.

Nonetheless, it's found to be extra polluting as compared to different stress washers. A few of the features of the petrol stress washer are the stress hose as much as 5m, gun, an adjustable nozzle, and many others. These are some of the best pressure washers for dwelling use in addition to industrial use obtainable immediately. The dimensions of the area to be cleaned, the frequency of use, the upkeep expenses and the overall value factor needs to be considered before opting for any of those strain washers. We will see strong winds from this low, however the precipitation protect remains to our south.

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Review Of The Best Hand Held Steamers For Cleaning Grout And Tiles in 2012

Euroflex Monster Super Steam SC135 Hand-held Steamer

This hand-held steamer is prefect for killing dust mites, bacteria and viruses. It comes with a handy extension hose, two cloth covers, an upholstery nozzle, bayonet tip, designated window squeegee, special set of round brushes, angled nozzle, water refill and a tote bag.

Consumer use:

Great to use on tile, sinks and mirrors. It even comes with its own handy strap that makes it super easy to carry from room to room while cleaning. The Euroflex Monster is a great way to clean without using harsh chemicals. It can even be used to bring life back to real down pillows, steam curtains, clean baby toys, swings, car seats, kitchen counters, sinks and door handles all safely and without using chemicals.

Costumer reviews:

"I have a home day care and used it to clean high chairs and toys. It does a great job getting the dirt and grime out of hard to reach places." review from amazon.com

"I am really pleased with this product. I use it at least once a week." review from amazon.com

Final thoughts - which hand-held stemer to choose?

The above presented are definitely the most popular hand-held steamers for cleaning wide range of surfaces. They each clean a wide variety of surfaces and come with handy attachments. Choosing one of the above steamers will certainly help with all domestic cleaning work. Among the 5 devices described my, and many other customers who bought it, pick would be the Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Handheld Steam Cleaner - WH20100, due to its phenomenal quality, power and variety of features.